• USDA projects a lot of beef, pork and poultry production to fill meat cases both domestically and overseas in 2020. Record production and exports are forecast for all three sectors. (DTN file photo)

    USDA Livestock Outlook

    USDA's forecast for the red meat and poultry sectors shows higher production for beef, pork and chicken broilers. All three sectors also are projected to see record export opportunities in 2020 as well.

  • The DTN domestic distillers dried grains weekly spot price was steady on average at $147 per ton for the week ended Feb. 20. (DTN file photo)

    DDG Weekly Update

    DTN's weekly average spot price for domestic distillers dried grains was unchanged at $147 per ton compared to one week ago.

  • It can take six to 10 weeks to identify a pathogen and create a custom vaccine. (Progressive Farmer photo by Claire Vath)

    Custom Vaccines

    Identifying the pathogen behind a hard-to-control health issue is often necessary because just buying a product off the shelf is frequently not adequate.

  • Pinkeye is a costly disease that can lead to other problems including weight loss and milk production. (DTN/Progressive Farmer photo by John Howle)

    Ask The Vet

    Problems with the eyes of your herd are often referred to pinkeye, which is a catch-all term that might or might not be actual pinkeye.

  • A tax break for cooperatives continues to cause complications as Treasury officials try to finish the final rules. Congress made changes to Section 199A two years ago after first including provisions in a tax law that would have distorted the grain trade. (DTN file photo by Chris Clayton)

    Grain Glitch Not Fully Fixed

    A tax quirk two years ago looked like a windfall for farmers who did business with cooperatives. Now, new rules might actually increase the taxes for at least some farmers who are patrons of more diversified cooperatives.

  • Seventy feet of cold storage gives Midlakes Custom Services covered space for its large line of tractor and forage equipment. (DTN/Progressive Farmer photo by Mark Moore)

    America's Best Shops - 1

    This shop near Hilbert, Wisconsin, has space and organization to make quick turnarounds. This is the first story in DTN/Progressive Farmer's four-part series on America's Best Shops.

Livestock Blogs & Columns

Cash Market Moves

The DTN national average corn basis (an average of nearly 4,000 corn bids collected throughout the U.S.) started the new crop year 11 cents above the DTN national average maximum five-year average basis and, as of the week of Jan. 24, was 9 cents above the maximum five-year average basis. (DTN photo)
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