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Kinze Manufacturing Expands Into Tillage Tools

Russ Quinn
By  Russ Quinn , DTN Staff Reporter
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Kinze Manufacturing introduced their new Mach Till high-speed disc, which expands the company's product line. The disc can be operated at 8 to 12 mph. One model (Mach Till 331) will be displayed at the 2018 National Farm Machinery in Louisville, Kentucky Feb. 14-18. (Photo courtesy Kinze Manufacturing)

Kinze Manufacturing, the maker of the familiar blue planters and grain carts, is expanding its product line to include tillage equipment. The Williamsburg, Iowa, company unveiled four high-speed disc tillage models, Mach Till 201, 261, 331 and 401, on Jan. 31.

The tillage implements are based on a Canadian design produced by Degelman Industries, which has been licensed to Kinze, according to a Kinze Manufacturing news release.

The disc tillage features the ability to till at high speeds (8 to 12 mph) and also features high capacity. The line offers simple setup and ease of use, maintenance-free parts and the ability to perform in various soil types, from fall primary tillage and residue management to spring secondary tillage and seedbed preparation.

The implement is built for high speed and deep working depth, but provides great flotation for lighter seedbed preparation that minimizes soil compaction.

Susanne Veatch, Kinze president and chief marketing officer, said the new Mach Till high-speed disc products support farmers' interest in faster tillage. This allows them to stay ahead of the planter and be more productive by covering more acres in less time.

"Farmers will now be able to obtain three types of equipment from their Kinze dealers, all with the same standard of quality," Veatch said.

Kinze will exhibit one of its first tillage models, the Mach Till 331, at the 2018 National Farm Machinery Show Feb. 14-17 in Louisville, Kentucky, North Wing, Booth 4499.

Veatch said the tillage products will be available from Kinze dealers in the U.S. and Canada, as well as for export to customers in Eastern Europe and Russia. Pricing information will be released this spring, with product availability beginning in the fall of 2018.

"We are constantly evaluating opportunities in the market for new products that would be a good fit for Kinze," Veatch said. "The Mach Till product line allows us to improve our already strong brand and have instant access to the growing high-speed disc segment with an already proven product."

It will be interesting to see what kind of response farmers will have to another high-speed implement. One recognizable trend in farm equipment manufacturing in recent years has been the move to new implements with the ability to be operated at higher speeds.

Kinze does have a large product regional footprint, especially in the Western Corn Belt. During planting and harvesting season in Iowa and westward, you can see quite a few blue implements working in the fields.

The expansion of the Kinze line to include a tillage implement does make a lot of sense, both for the company and its customers. With farms growing and farmers wanting to cover more acres, the need for implements like this disc will probably only continue to increase.

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