Our Rural Roots

The Real Reel

Sometimes trying is all we have to give and that is truly enough. (DTN/Progressive Farmer photo by Jennifer Campbell)

Sharing the "real reel" of life is hard and cathartic

all at the same time. What most people leave on the social media cutting-room floor has quickly become my "brand."

I can vividly remember the very first time I wrote exactly what was happening in my life for all the world to judge:

"I'm sitting on my dirty kitchen floor crying, wearing a way too big Carhartt coat, rubber boots and my pajamas. I'm drinking flat Mt Dew out of what I can only assume is a clean measuring cup. I'm tired."

I was truly a pitiful sight and I knew it. But, what I really needed, as I sat there reading Facebook posts about happy families and perfect moms who make hot breakfasts for the family before school, was to unveil my secret.

I was worn out; my house was a disaster, and literally every glass in the house was dirty. My floors were sticky and, honestly, covered not just in dirt but a fair share of livestock organic matter. And, although I had gotten a husband out the door, three kids up and on their way to school and the livestock fed, I still felt defeated. I also felt societal pressure to hide my mess, and that is exhausting.

But, reality is, sometimes trying is all we have to give; and that, my friends, is truly enough. After I posted my confession, I picked myself up and dusted myself off. I did a load of dishes. I showered. Then, I headed to the field to run the grain cart for 10 hours before I made supper for us to eat as a family that night.

Comparison is the thief of joy. Turns out, not being afraid to publicly admit that my life is messy and I get overwhelmed at times helps others realize they aren't alone. That's good, because life is too short not to be real.


Editor's Note: Jennifer (Jent) Campbell can be found having a moment on her Indiana farm, where she writes a blog called Farm Wife Feeds (farmwifefeeds.com). Follow her on Twitter @plowwife and on the podcast @girlstalkag.