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  • One of blogger Tiffany Dowell Lashmet's favorite things about being involved in production agriculture is that despite the geographical differences, farm kids are farm kids.

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    Blogger Jennifer Campbell knows there will be plenty of issues to face in 2019, but she says she's ready for them.

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    Everything on Jennifer Campbell's Christmas wish list needs to be tax deductible.

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    With so many "hats" we all wear, life can get overwhelming and suffocating under their shadow.

  • The DuPont Financial Analysis Model was originally developed as a tool for analyzing the rate of return on assets, but with a simple step, it can also be used to analyze the rate of return on equity. (Courtesy graphic)

    When most farmers look at their financial ratios, they analyze either their trends over time or relative to benchmarks. But it's also helpful to dig into what is driving their bottom line and to do "what if" analysis to see the impact different changes would have.

  • Implementing real-time, site-specific business software can help farmers remain profitable. (DTN/The Progressive Farmer file photo)

    For farmers, margins are tight and additional spending is always carefully scrutinized. To remain profitable, farmers need to think about implementing real-time, site-specific business software sooner rather than later.

  • Over-collateralization, hedging policies and a credit officer's trustworthiness are a sample of issues that concern farm borrowers. (DTN photo by Greg Horstmeier)

    Too often ag lenders focus on their own risks and forget lending policies can cause major business concerns for borrowers.

  • About 22 million people in rural areas lack the high-speed internet connections considered standard fare in urban areas. (DTN/The Progressive Farmer photo by Jim Patrico)

    After congressional backlash, Farm Credit backed off controversial telecom loans. But will that slow broadband upgrades for rural America?