Norway Says Russia is Behind Hacker Attack on Parliament

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) -- Norway's foreign minister said Russia is behind a break-in into the Norwegian Parliament's email system in August, calling the intrusion “a serious incident that affects our most important democratic institution.”

“It is our assessment that Russia is behind this activity,” Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Soereide said.

In a Facebook post, the Russian Embassy in Oslo retorted that “no evidence had been presented” and that “such allegations are unacceptable.”

“We consider what happened as a serious deliberate provocation, destructive of bilateral relations,” the embassy said.

The 169-member Storting parliament was targeted Aug. 24 by what it described as “a concerted cyberattack” and “a small number of MPs and members of staff had their email accounts hacked," according to Marianne Andreassen, the assembly's administrative head. She added "various quantities of data had been downloaded.”

The cyberattack, which was immediately stopped, was reported to the police. The country's security service PST was investigating it.

The parliament later said private information such as social security numbers, bank information and other personal information plus contact data and preparatory political work “may have been lost.”