Lebanon Clashes as Tensions Rise

Lebanon Clashes as Tensions Rise

BEIRUT (AP) -- The Lebanese Red Cross says dozens of people were injured in overnight confrontations between supporters and opponents of the country's president. Fistfights and stone throwing erupted in a northern city and a mountainous town.

Lebanon's massive nationwide protests against the country's ruling elite remained overwhelmingly peaceful since they began last month. But as the political deadlock for forming a new government drags on, tempers are rising.

The protests have slid into violence in recent days. That's particularly after supporters of the main two Shiite groups attacked protesters in Beirut Sunday night.

President Michel Aoun has yet to hold consultations with parliamentary blocs on choosing a new prime minister.

On Tuesday night, Aoun's supporters and opponents clashed in the city of Tripoli and in the mountain town of Bikfaya injuring 34.