NATO Ministers Gather Amid Tensions

NATO Ministers Gather Amid Tensions

BRUSSELS (AP) -- NATO foreign ministers are gathering in Brussels to prepare a leaders' summit in two weeks amid tensions over French President Emmanuel Macron's complaints about the "brain death" of the alliance.

France says it's concerned about a lack of U.S. leadership at NATO, the unpredictability of Turkey after its invasion of northern Syria and the need for Europe to take on more security responsibilities.

Wednesday's meeting at NATO headquarters is aimed at finalizing the "summit deliverables;" the results will be announced at the Dec. 3-4 leaders' gathering near London.

The ministers will endorse a confidential report laying out NATO's new policy toward China. They will announce space as the "fifth domain" of security, following land, sea, air and cyberspace.

Testy ties with Russia and counter-terrorism efforts are also on the agenda.