Media Seeks Records in Stone Case

Media Seeks Records in Stone Case

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Associated Press and other news organizations are asking a judge to unseal documents in the special counsel's investigation of Trump confidant Roger Stone.

The media coalition is asking for all records related to search warrants the FBI obtained before its arrest of Stone at his Florida home last month. Stone has pleaded not guilty to charges of false statements, witness tampering and obstruction.

"The Russia investigation goes to the heart of the integrity of the political process, the potential corruption or other misconduct of the President of the United States and his closest advisers — or, as some of the President's supporters have argued, a corrupt conspiracy by some in law enforcement to harm the President — and the ability of the justice system to fairly and effectively investigate and, where necessary, prosecute any of these potential crimes," the news groups wrote.

The coalition argues that the "gravity and importance of this criminal investigation is second to none in our nation's history, and therefore the public's interest in the transparency of that investigation could not be greater." They say the public interest in the investigation far outweighs the government's interest in keeping it confidential.

Besides The Associated Press, the other news organizations include CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post and Politico.