Greenpeace Activits Protest at Summit

Greenpeace Activits Protest at Summit

KATOWICE, Poland (AP) -- A group of environmentalists has climbed a smokestack at Europe's largest lignite power plant in central Poland to spur politicians into action at the global climate summit that the country will host next month.

The Greenpeace activists climbed a 180-meter (590-feet) chimney at Belchatow, to draw attention to the need to cut the use of coal, a major reason behind global warming.

The climate summit, which takes place December 2-14, will see representatives from over 190 nations gather in Katowice, the heart of Poland's southern coal mining region of Silesia.

Poland says Katowice showcases how a colliery center can be transformed into a modern, environment-friendly city, with glass and metal buildings and parks now where the old mines used to be.