TN Death Row Inmate on Death Watch

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- Tennessee inmate Edmund Zagorski has once again been placed on death watch in anticipation of his Thursday execution by electric chair.

The Tennessee Department of Correction said Tuesday that inmates on death watch are placed in a cell next to the execution chamber where they are under 24-hour surveillance.

All visits are non-contact until the final day before the execution, when the warden will decide whether Zagorski can have a contact visit.

Zagorski was set to die on Oct. 11 but won a late reprieve from Gov. Bill Haslam amid a flurry of legal maneuvers. Among the issues was his request to die in the electric chair as a quicker and less painful execution method than lethal injection.

Zagorski was sentenced in 1984 for a killing two men during a drug deal.