Hawaii Island Close to Rainfall Record

HONOLULU (AP) -- The National Weather Service says preliminary data indicates the Hawaiian island of Kauai broke a national 24-hour rainfall record during recent flash flooding.

The agency's Honolulu office said Wednesday a rain gauge in Waipa recorded 49.69 inches of rain during the 24-hour period ending 12:45 p.m. on April 15.

If this total is certified, it would break the current record of 43 inches recorded July 25-26, 1979 in Alvin, Texas.

The Waipa gauge is about one mile west of Hanalei on the island's north shore. It's operated by a non-profit organization.

The agency says the National Climate Extremes Committee will convene to review the data and determine whether it's a record.

The floods swept away homes and triggered mudslides. Damaged roads cut off several communities from the rest of Kauai.