Barcelona Readies for Huge Peace Rally

Barcelona Readies for Huge Peace Rally

BARCELONA, Spain (AP) -- Thousands of people are expected to flood the streets of Barcelona to reject violence after the deadly attacks on Aug. 17-18 that killed 15 people and wounded over 120.

The Islamic State group claimed the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils that used vehicles and knives, Spain's deadliest in more than a decade. Eight suspects are dead, two are jailed under preliminary charges and two more remain under investigation.

The slogan of the march — "I'm not afraid" in the local Catalan language— has grown from a spontaneous civic answer to the violence into a slogan that the government and Spain's political class have unanimously embraced.

Taxi drivers, emergency workers and ordinary citzens who helped the wounded are leading the march, followed by King Felipe VI, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and other officials.