Struggling UK PM Urges Support of Govt

Struggling UK PM Urges Support of Govt

LONDON (AP) -- Britain's beleaguered prime minister is appealing to opponents to help her govern, after she lost her parliamentary majority in last month's election.

Theresa May called the snap June 8 election in a misjudged attempt to bolster her majority and strengthen her authority during exit talks between Britain and the European Union. Instead, she must resort to deal-making and compromises in order to pass legislation, and is struggling to persuade her Conservative party that she is not a lame duck.

May's office says that in a speech Tuesday she will urge the opposition to help hone policy, saying the government's ideas can be "clarified and improved" through debate and discussion.

Acknowledging that the election result "was not what I wanted," May will urge opposition parties "to contribute, not just criticize."