Lawmakers Electing Hungary President

Lawmakers Electing Hungary President

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) -- Hungarian lawmakers are expected to re-elect President Janos Ader for a five-year term, a mostly ceremonial post meant to embody national unity.

Ader, 57, has been nominated by Prime Minister Viktor Orban's governing Fidesz party, while the left-wing opposition parties have nominated Laszlo Majtenyi, a former ombudsman for data protection.

Ader is a former parliamentary speaker and member of the European Parliament. Majtenyi, 66, currently heads the Eotvos Karoly Institute, a liberal think tank.

If no candidate wins a two-thirds majority in the first round of voting, a simple majority will be enough in the second round. Both rounds will be held Monday.

Ader took office in May 2012, after former Olympic fencing champion Pal Schmitt resigned after 20 months in office because of a plagiarism scandal.