TX Planned Parenthood: Halt Aid Cuts

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) -- Planned Parenthood is asking a federal judge to stop Texas from cutting off Medicaid funding to the nation's largest abortion provider in January.

The request for an injunction was filed late Friday in Austin. It's part of ongoing lawsuit filed by Planned Parenthood against Texas last year.

Planned Parenthood has successfully used federal courts to block other Republican-controlled states from similarly ousting the organization from Medicaid programs.

Planned Parenthood says about $4 million that helps serve nearly 11,000 low-income women each year is at stake. The reimbursements cover services that include well-women exams and screening for sexually transmitted diseases.

No public funding in Texas is used for abortions. But Republicans nationwide have sought to weaken Planned Parenthood through funding cuts because of its abortion services offered.