Judge Puts Hold on Voter ID Ruling

Judge Puts Hold on Voter ID Ruling

MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- A federal judge has put on hold his requirement that Wisconsin act before the November election to reform its system for helping voters who lack credentials get a photo ID.

An order from U.S. District Judge James Peterson issued Thursday upheld all other aspects of his July 29 ruling, in which he threw out as unconstitutional a host of Wisconsin election laws passed in recent years. Among those struck down were certain limits on absentee and early voting, which the judge found unfairly benefited Republicans.

Peterson wrote that he would stay the reform provision because state procedures already in place will allow anyone who petitions for an ID to get a receipt allowing them to vote in November.

Both sides have appealed Peterson's July ruling. He wrote that the petition process reform is needed but can wait until the appeals process is complete.