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  • A pregnancy check by an experienced veterinarian is money and time well spent. (DTN/Progressive Farmer photo by Victoria G. Myers)

    Ask the Vet

    Preg checks are one of the highest value practices in a cow-calf operation, reducing carrying costs and increasing herd fertility over time.

  • For the week ending Aug. 25, cattle-feeding gamblers lost their first pot since mid-December 2016. (Photo by threephin, CC BY-SA 2.0)

    The Market's Fine Print

    Following an extraordinary streak of market luck, the late-year deck may now be stacked against timely fed-cattle marketing.

  • DTN's average weekly spot price for DDG was 2 cents higher at $108 per ton, as the market saw support from news out of Vietnam last week that they will once again allow U.S. DDGS in to their country. (DTN file photo by Elaine Shein)

    DDG Weekly Update

    The DTN average dried distillers grains price was higher for the week ended Sept. 7 as export demand firmed.

  • Toxicosis is caused by grazing endophyte-infected fescue. The endophytes give the fescue resiliency to heat and drought, but the fungal compounds also can negatively impact performance of animals grazing it. (DTN/Progressive Farmer photo by Mark Parker)

    Endophyte Work Around

    There may be no cures for toxic fescue, but there are management practices that will minimize its impact on the herd.

  • It's not always clear what's causing a limp in cattle. Possibilities include foot rot, puncture wounds or something as simple as a sprain.(DTN/Progressive Farmer photo by Holly Kuper)

    Ask the Vet

    A cow with a limp should be checked out, and treated if appropriate, as soon as possible. Long term, a limp can negatively impact overall health and productivity.

  • DTN's average weekly spot price for DDG was 1 cent lower at $106 per ton, but news of Vietnam lifting its import ban will likely lift prices in the coming week. (DTN file photo by Elaine Shein)

    DDG Weekly Update

    The DTN average dried distillers grains price was slightly lower for the week ended Aug. 31. However, USGC announced on Friday that Vietnam will lift its suspension of U.S. distillers dried grains with solubles imports.

  • A combination of the right phenotype and EPDs (Expected Progeny Differences) is moving U.S. cattle herds to new levels of productivity.(DTN/Progressive Farmer photo by Karl Wolfshohl)

    Phenotype Matters

    Even with huge strides in genomics, real-world performance plays a critical role in animal selection.

  • News stories about robots in the livestock industry beg an interesting question about the accelerating mechanization of agriculture and what it means for the ever-shrinking population and vitality of rural America. (Robot photo by Brickset, CC BY 2.0; DTN photo illustration by Nick Scalise)

    The Market's Fine Print

    Robots are increasingly playing a larger role in livestock and meat production. Whether that's good or bad news for the livestock industry and rural America remains to be seen, says DTN Livestock Analyst John Harrington.

  • NAFTA, Tax Reform Eyed

    A focus on the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA, may be a reason for little action on bilateral agreements with countries such as Japan.

  • Willyne McGill has some strict criteria about keeping an unbred cow.(Progressive Farmer photo by Becky Mills)

    Keep Or Cull

    Carefully review all costs when deciding whether to carry an unbred cow to the next breeding season. The answer is different for each operation.

  • Protect your herd from disease by running through this checklist. (DTN/Progressive Farmer photo by Jim Patrico)

    Ask the Vet

    Here's a list of items to check when buying a new bull include diseases you might have heard of.

  • U.S. producers will get a chance to sell pork in Argentina after some negotiating from the Trump administration convinced Argentina's president to lift a ban. (DTN file photo)

    Argentina to Accept US Pork

    Argentina has banned U.S. pork products for 25 years but now has agreed to reopen the market after Vice President Mike Pence met with Argentina's president. The announcement conservatively estimated the market at roughly $10 million, but U.S. pork...

  • A strong turnover rate at feedlots has helped hold up the beef market this year. (Progressive Farmer photo by Sam Wirzba)

    Sideways Market

    Strong exports and domestic demand, along with an aggressive marketing pace at feedlots, should leave 2017 as a positive year for the cattle market.

  • Long windrows "cook" manure into compost on this 500-cow dairy. (Progressive Farmer photo by Rick Mooney)


    One Wisconsin dairy has built a thriving compost business around the waste from its cows.

  • While every situation is a little different, there are some basic guidelines when it comes to calving. (Progressive Farmer photo by Becky Mills)

    Ask the Vet

    Know the stages, and approximate times for labor in cows and heifers, to make good decisions about intervention.

  • North Dakota producers have turned to corn, oats, wheat, barley and canola for forage, either haying or grazing these crops. (DTN photo by Chris Clayton)

    Hay Donations Available

    Recent rains in the Dakotas came too late to help most forages affected by drought. Here are some options for what to feed, or how to obtain feed, for your livestock.

  • For every dollar invested in cleaning up his ranch—fixing fences and roads, and clearing brush—Kirk Rimer says he captured a $7-per-acre return, based on the sale price of his ranch. (Photo courtesy of Hortenstine Ranch Co. LLC)

    Land Values

    Key improvements can make your ranch or farm more valuable when you get ready to sell.

  • Put the profit back into winter forages with a rebuilding plan that starts now. (DTN/Progressive Farmer photo by Barb Baylor Anderson)

    Pasture Reset

    Drought conditions in some areas this year will create challenges for winter grazers.

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