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Equipment & Tech


  • The C Series RoGators come with 90-, 100- or 120-foot booms and are designed to make cleanout faster and more efficient. (Photo courtesy AGCO)

    Machinery Chatter

    At a time when chemical application has grown increasingly more complex, AGCO this summer introduced a new series of RoGators with creative plumbing solutions to tackle those complexities.

  • Liquid tanks can change the center of gravity on ATVs and UTVS. Make sure you make adjustments. DTN/The Progressive Farmer file photo.

    ATV Safety

    One of the most popular pieces of equipment on farms and ranches today are All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and Utility Task Vehicle (UTV). These versatile machines are at home on most any type of farm/ranch as well non-farm situations.

  • Randy Jax (left) and Herb Dowse, an ag precision specialist with Northern Country Co-op, discuss images taken with an AgEagle. (DTN/Progressive Farmer image by Bob Elbert)

    Trifocals for the Farm

    UAVs, airplanes and satellites give agriculture three distinct views of your fields. Which technologies are right for you?

  • The new methane-powered tractor drew crowds to the New Holland booth at the Farm Progress Show in August. (DTN/The Progressive Farmer photo by Jim Patrico)

    Methane-Powered Concept Tractor

    New Holland has introduced a concept mid-sized tractor that runs on either methane or compressed natural gas, and do all the work of a diesel-powered T6 with up to 80% less total emissions.

  • News stories about robots in the livestock industry beg an interesting question about the accelerating mechanization of agriculture and what it means for the ever-shrinking population and vitality of rural America. (Robot photo by Brickset, CC BY 2.0; DTN photo illustration by Nick Scalise)

    Agbots to the Rescue?

    Robots are increasingly playing a larger role in livestock and meat production. Whether that's good or bad news for the livestock industry and rural America remains to be seen, says DTN Livestock Analyst John Harrington.

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Equipment & Tech Perspectives

Machinery Chatter

The author goes flat out to test the new PRO MULE-FXR's handling in rough terrain. (Photo courtesy of Douglas Henry/Kawasaki)
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