US Ethanol Output Increases

EIA: Ethanol Output Up First Time in 4 Weeks While Demand Falls

OAKHURST, N.J. (DTN) -- Energy Information Administration data detailed the first increase in domestic ethanol production in four weeks, up 4% in the last week of September, while blender inputs declined after a surge the prior week.

Ethanol production in the United States moved off a better-than-19-month low, rising 34,000 barrels per day (bpd) to 889,000 bpd as of Sept. 30, down 9.1% from this time last year.

Midwest ethanol production also posted the first gain in four weeks, up 41,000 bpd or 5.1% to 840,000 bpd.

EIA reports blending activity fell for the sixth time in seven weeks, down 15,000 bpd to 895,000 bpd, 1.6% below the same week in 2021.

Refiner and blender net inputs along the East Coast PADD 1 dropped 6,000 bpd to 323,000 bpd last week while down 6,000 bpd in the Midwest PADD 2 to 243,000 bpd, up 1,000 bpd in Gulf Coast PADD 3 to 153,000 bpd through Sept. 30 and down 5,000 bpd along the West Coast PADD 5 to 145,000 bpd.

Total domestic ethanol supply returned to the downside, falling 4.4% to 21.7 million barrels (bbl) last week, 9% higher than the same week in 2021.

East Coast ethanol inventory declined about 700,000 bbl to 7 million bbl, while Midwest stocks added about 100,000 bbl in the week ended Sept. 30 to 8 million bbl. Gulf Coast ethanol inventory declined about 100,000 bbl to 3.7 million bbl, while West Coast stocks decreased roughly 100,000 bbl to 2.8 million bbl.