Wolf Carbon Solutions, ADM Partner

Wolf Carbon Solutions, ADM Partner to Advance Carbon Capture

OAKHURST, N.J. (DTN) -- Wolf Carbon Solutions US LLC and ADM on Tuesday, Jan. 11, announced that they have signed a letter of intent paving the pathway toward further decarbonization of ADM's footprint via construction of a pipeline -- developed, owned and operated by Wolf Solutions -- which, together with a commercial agreement, will allow for the capture, compression and transportation of carbon dioxide produced at ADM's Clinton and Cedar Rapids, Iowa, facilities.

The 350-mile steel trunk line will be capable of transporting 12 million tons of C02 per year. The pipeline will offer dedicated capacity to transport C02 from ADM's ethanol and cogeneration facilities in Clinton and Cedar Rapids to be stored permanently underground at ADM's fully permitted and already operational sequestration site in Decatur, Illinois. The pipeline would have significant spare capacity to serve other third-party customers looking to decarbonize across the Midwest and Ohio River Valley.

"This partnership is an excellent example of industries working together to decarbonize and deliver upon their ESG strategies and commitments," said David Schmunk, president, Wolf Carbon Solutions. "Our organizations offer a great combination of complementary skills and experience -- ADM with more than 10 years of experience owning and operating CO2 sequestration wells, and the Wolf Carbon Solutions team with expertise in owning and operating carbon capture facilities and pipeline transportation systems, including North America's largest third-party CO2 pipeline in Alberta, Canada."

ADM's carbon capture and sequestration capabilities in Decatur have allowed it to safely and permanently store more than 3.5 million metric tons of C02 a mile and a half under the surface of the earth, and have paved the way for increased carbonization of the company's operations, including its announcements in 2021 of a partnership to construct a zero-emissions power plant adjacent to the company's Decatur corn complex, and its achievement of the wheat milling industry's first carbon-neutral footprint.

"This is an exciting opportunity for ADM to connect some of our largest processing facilities with our carbon capture capabilities, advancing our work to significantly reduce our C02 emissions while delivering sustainable solutions for our customers. These efforts are core to our purpose, our culture and our growth and we look forward to working with Wolf Carbon Solutions to finalize this agreement and further decarbonize our operations and our industry," said Chris Cuddy, president, Carbohydrate Solutions for ADM.