New RNG Initiative

ONE Gas, Vanguard Renewables Partner to Develop RNG Projects

OAKHURST, N.J. (DTN) -- Natural gas utility ONE Gas Inc. and Vanguard Renewables on Thursday, April 29, announced a renewable natural gas initiative designed to develop and expand farm-based RNG projects across Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas.

The joint effort delivers a sustainable, renewable energy option for ONE Gas customers to reduce emissions and achieve environmental, social and governance goals. The initiative enables ONE Gas to provide a clean, renewable energy option while supporting the diversion of food waste to landfills and incineration and sustaining American farms for future generations.

This will be Vanguard Renewables' first mid-continent alliance with a local natural gas distribution company that is committed to innovating its clean energy fuel mix through RNG.

RNG projects capture methane from organic materials like food waste and animal manure, redirecting it away from the environment and removing harmful containments from the atmosphere. Vanguard Renewables' network of farm-based anaerobic digesters across the U.S. offer a circular solution to food waste recycling and decarbonization while supporting the American farmer.