REG to Expand LA Biorefinery

REG Announces Plans to Expand Geismar Biorefinery by 250M Gallons Per Year

OAKHURST, N.J. (DTN) -- Renewable Energy Group Inc. on Tuesday, Oct. 6, announced plans to expand capacity at its Geismar, Louisiana, biorefinery by 250 million gallons annually to 340 million gallons per year.

Construction should begin in mid to late 2021 with target mechanical completion date late in 2023. REG expects the expansion will require approximately $825 million in capital investments.

"REG Geismar has proven to be a tremendous asset for our company and is a natural site for increasing production of our lower carbon renewable diesel," said Cynthia Warner, president and CEO of REG.

REG Geismar was the first renewable diesel plant built in the United States and was acquired by REG in 2014. REG made additional improvements to the plant, taking its initial 75-million-gallon nameplate facility up to 90 million gallons per year of demonstrated capacity.

"This is an exciting milestone for our business as we continue to advance our drive to produce low carbon fuels at significant scale," said Warner. "We are developing this project with our proprietary process technology, and we are proud to continue to deliver sustainable fuel solutions to our customers and accelerate the transition to cleaner energy."