Victoria G Myers
By  Victoria G. Myers , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
Average per acre sales in this month’s Landwatch column ranged from a low of $485 to a high of $11,737. (Progressive Farmer photo by The Progressive Farmer)

COLORADO, Baca County. Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) acres totaling 595 sold for $288,575, or $485 per acre. The value of the CRP was set at $19,016. Owned minerals passed with the surface sale. Contact: Virgil George, Rocking X Land Co. Ltd.;; 719-346-5420;

IOWA, Des Moines County. A high-quality, nearly all-tillable farm of 82.1 acres sold at auction for $853,840, or $10,400 per acre. The land included some tiling and bases in corn and soybeans. The CSR2 average was 88.4. The last time this land sold was in 1854. Contact: John Yeomans, Farmers National Co.;; 319-644-8092;

IOWA, Linn County. A farm totaling 259 acres sold at auction in two tracts for $3.04 million. Average per-acre prices ranged from $11,300 to $12,400, or $11,737 across the entire property. The land included crop acres, two homes and an outbuilding. CSR2 rating on the corn and soybean land was 84.5. Contact: Douglas Hensley, Hertz Real Estate Services;; 515-382-1500;

IOWA, Webster County. Tillable and CRP land totaling 138 acres sold for $1.31 million to an investor. Average sale price per acre was $9,492. The land was leased back to the seller. Contact: John Kirkpatrick, Murray Wise Associates;; 515-532-2878;

KANSAS, Thomas County. Cropland and grassland totaling 641 acres sold at auction for $1.16 million. The farm was marketed in two parcels, with per-acre prices ranging from $1,025 to $1,975. Average across the whole property was $1,810. Contact: Don Hazlett, Farm and Ranch Realty Inc.;; 800-247-7863;

KENTUCKY, Nelson County. In an absolute auction, 71.8 acres of ridgetop cropland and wooded land sold for $564,472. The property was divided into nine tracts. Average per-acre sales prices ranged from $3,400 for a mostly wooded parcel to $13,100. Average across the whole farm was about $7,861. The farm sold using the “Choice by the Acre” method, where bidding was by the acre with the winner having the right to take any tract(s) at the top bid. Contact: Mike Melloan,; or Dwight Butler,; Kurtz Auction and Realty Co.; 800-264-1204;

NORTH DAKOTA, Stutsman County. Nine parcels of cropland totaling 1,818 acres sold at auction for $5.65 million. Averages varied by parcel, ranging from $2,800 to $3,700. Average across the entire acreage was $3,107. Contact: Kristen Gill,; or Alan Butts,; Pifer’s Land Auctions; 877-700-4099;

OKLAHOMA, Alfalfa County. Property totaling 686 acres with a creek and mineral rights sold at auction for $958,500, or $1,397 per acre. The farm is diverse, including wheat and corn bases, pastures, grasses and waterways. Contact: Troy Lippard, Lippard Auctioneers Inc.;; 580-747-6747;

WISCONSIN, Grant County. A large auction, featuring 2,050 acres, brought 131 registered bidders from five states. The court-ordered sale brought more than $17.6 million. The property was divided into 23 tracts, with prices ranging from $6,750 to $9,300. Total average per-acre price was around $8,585. The auction featured tillable land, a modern cattle-feeding facility, four confinement hog-finishing units, three homes and recreational land. Contact: Max Steffes, Steffes Group Inc.;; 800-451-7087;

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Victoria Myers