D4, D6 RIN Generation Fell in June

OAKHURST, N.J. (DTN) -- There was a better-than-9% drop in the number of D4 biomass-based diesel renewable identification numbers (RINs) generated in June from May while monthly generation of D6 renewable fuel RINs fell 3.2% during the period profiled, according to the Environmental Protection Agency's Moderated Transaction System.

There were 1.257 billion D6 RINs generated in June on volume of 1.253 billion gallons of renewable fuel, with the nested category overwhelmingly satisfied by conventional corn-based ethanol. The June totals reflect a 41.5-million drop in D6 RINs on 40.2 million fewer gallons than May.

The generation of D4 biomass-based diesel RINs fell for the first time this year in June, down 32.3 million RINs to 317 million. In June, 207 million gallons of qualified biodiesel and renewable diesel were produced or imported to generate the D4 RINs, down 20 million gallons from May.

A qualified gallon of biomass-based diesel generates 1.5 D4 RINs.