D4, D6 RIN Generation Up in May

CRANBURY, N.J. (DTN) -- There was a 9% increase in the number of D4 biomass-based diesel renewable identification numbers generated in May from April, and a 4.7% boost in the monthly generation of D6 renewable fuel RINs last month, according to the Environmental Protection Agency's Moderated Transaction System.

There were 1.298 billion D6 RINs generated in May on volume of 1.293 billion gallons of renewable fuel, with the nested category overwhelmingly satisfied by conventional corn-based ethanol. The May totals reflect a 53.7 million increase in D6 RINs on 57.7 million more gallons than in April.

During the first five months of 2018, 6.19 billion D6 RINs have been generated on volume of 6.14 billion gallons of renewable fuel.

The generation of D4 biomass-based diesel RINs increased for the fifth consecutive month in May, following its historical pattern, up 28.4 million RINs to 342.8 million, with 1.43 billion D4 RINs generated in 2018 through May. In May, 222.5 million gallons of qualified biodiesel and renewable diesel were produced or imported to generate the D4 RINs, up 18.7 million gallons from April. Biomass-based diesel volume in 2018 through May totaled 931.5 million gallons.

A qualified gallon of biomass-based diesel generates 1.5 D4 RINs.