Ethanol Briefs

Eco-Energy Begins Ethanol Unit Train Ops in Charlotte, NC

OAKHURST, N.J. (DTN) -- Biofuel services company Eco-Energy Distribution Services announced the opening of its ethanol unit train distribution facility in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The facility, which connects to Kinder Morgan Southeast Terminals LLC's Charlotte 3 Terminal, is located within the terminal complex in Charlotte and is equipped to receive 96 tank cars via the CSX Railway. The facility has ethanol distribution capability via pipeline connection and/or tank truck delivery to all area gasoline blending locations. The Charlotte facility is Eco-Energy's ninth ethanol distribution terminal to open since 2012.

"Eco-Energy is proud of our accomplishment and appreciative of our partners in Charlotte," said Joshua Bailey, Eco-Energy's CEO. "The industry has desired a solution in this market for many years and we have finally developed one of the most efficient operations in the U.S."

Bailey continued, "Both the shippers and end users will benefit from an improved ethanol supply chain into this growing market. Eco is continuing to invest where we can create efficiency and develop infrastructure that is prepared for future growth beyond 10% blends."