Farmland Sales Report

Victoria G Myers
By  Victoria G. Myers , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
Average per acre sales prices in this month’s Landwatch column range from a low of $2,107 to a high of $14,102.

Illinois, Calhoun County. Mississippi River bottom soils totaling 122.6 acres sold to a local farmer who had worked the acreage for years. The land, marketed in two tracts, brought $1.44 million, or about $11,745 per acre. This land is described as well drained and near the bluff. It had river terminal grain markets nearby, along with woodlands and whitetail deer. Of the total acreage, 116.61 acres were tillable. Contact: John Benz, Farmers National Co.;; 217-641-1270

Iowa, Guthrie County. Two tracts of cropland totaling 208.48 acres brought a record-high price for the county of $2.94 million, or around $14,102 per acre. The property was all tillable with an overall CSR2 rating of 87. Soils were silt loam and silty clay loam, and drainage tile was in place. A local farmer bought the property. Contact: Matthew Adams, Peoples Co.;; 515-222-1347

IOWA, Webster County. Cropland totaling 113 acres sold for $980,275, or $8,675 per acre. The property was in corn and soybeans, and included a variety of loam, clay loam and silty clay loam soils. Overall, the CSR2 rating was 84.3, the CSR rating at 78.5. Contact: John Kirkpatrick, Murray Wise Associates LLC;; 515-532-2878

Louisiana, Franklin Parish. A 300-acre tract of farmland near Fort Necessity sold for $750,000, or $2,500 per acre. The property will remain in farmland. Contact: Brad Brown, Brown Realty Co.;;

LOUISIANA, Richland Parish. Cropland totaling 240 acres sold for $900,000, or $3,750 per acre. The land was leveled and furrow-irrigated. It will remain in agriculture. Contact: Brad Brown, Brown Realty Co.;; 318-728-9544

Missouri, Montgomery County. Three tracts of farmland totaling 438.9 acres sold to two buyers. One buyer was a farmer, the other an investor. Total price for the property was $2.4 million, or an average of $5,468 per acre. The land is described as mostly Mexico silt loam soils, gently rolling and 95% tillable. Fields are rectangular with nearby river terminal and ethanol grain markets. All of the acreage will remain in production agriculture. Contact: John Benz, Farmers National Co.;;

North Dakota, LaMoure County. Two tracts of farmland totaling 256 acres sold to two buyers for $689,200. Average per-acre price across the sale was $2,692. The land was contiguous and described as having a strong cropping history. Soil Productivity Index ranged from a low of 64.6 to a high of 85. Contact: Kevin Pifer, Pifer’s Land Auctions;; 701-238-5810

Oklahoma, Mayes County. A ranch property totaling 4,366 acres sold for $9.2 million, or $2,107 per acre. At sale time, the property was running 1,000 cow/calf pairs. It is described as being in native and improved grasses. Contact: Sherm Shanklin, Shanklin Realty;; 918-273-2344

South Carolina, Horry County. Some 151 acres of merchantable pine sawtimber and pine pulpwood sold for $365,000, or $2,417 per acre. The property was described as recreational and heavily wooded. Contact: John M. Draughn, Coldwell Banker Commercial Chicora Real Estate;; 843-272-8700

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