EIA: Ethanol Stocks, Production Higher

NEW YORK (DTN) -- Ethanol inventories, domestic production and blender inputs all increased last week, according to a report released Wednesday by the Energy Information Administration.

The data showed total inventories increased 200,000 barrels (bbl), or 1.0%, to 20.6 million bbl for the week-ended July 29 while up 1.4 million bbl, or 7.1%, year over year.

Regionally, PADD 2 Midwest supplies fell by 100,000 bbl to 6.4 million bbl while PADD 3 Gulf Coast supplies increased by 300,000 bbl to 4.0 million bbl. PADD 1 East Coast, PADD 4 Rocky Mountain region and PADD 5 West Coast saw their supplies holding steady for the week reviewed.

Plant production increased 6,000 barrels per day (bpd), or 0.6%, to 1.004 million bpd while up 42,000 bpd, or 4.5%, year over year. Four-week average production was up 38,000, or 3.8%, at 1.009 million bpd.

Net refinery and blender input increased 15,000 bpd, or 1.6%, to 951,000 bpd during the week-ended July 29, while up 41,000 bpd, or 4.5%, year over year. The four-week average blender input rate was up 37,000 bpd, or 4.1%, at 935,000 bpd.

EIA reported ethanol imports of 36,000 bpd, with the imports received along the West Coast.