Weekly Ethanol Stocks Down

EIA: Ethanol Stocks, Output Declined Week-ended April 22

NEW YORK (DTN) -- The Energy Information Administration released data today showing ethanol inventories and domestic production declined during the week-ended April 22 while implied demand increased.

The data showed inventories fell about 400,000 bbl or 1.9% to 21.6 million bbl for the week profiled, with year-over-year surplus at 800,000 bbl or 4.4%.

Most of the decline was seen in PADD 2 Midwest, where stocks fell about 600,000 bbl to 6.6 million bbl. PADD 4 West Coast supplies fell 100,000 bbl to 2.7 million bbl while PADD 3 Gulf Coast supplies rose 100,000 bbl to 3.8 million bbl.

Supplies in PADD 1 East Coast and PADD 4 Rocky Mountain region were unchanged for the week.

Plant production fell 12,000 bpd or 1.3% last week to 927,000 bpd while 0.76% lower year-over-year.

Blender inputs, a proxy for ethanol demand, increased by 25,000 bpd or 2.8% to 918,000 bpd for the week, while up 4.9% year-over-year.