CEPEA: Sept. Brazil Ethanol Prices Rose

NEW YORK (DTN) -- Ethanol prices in Brazil rose in the last week of September due to limited supply and higher demand, with anhydrous being sold at $1.60 gallon, up 12% from the prior week, while hydrous traded at $1.75 gallon, up 7%, according to data provided by Cepea, a research center linked to Brazil's Sao Paulo University.

Brazil produces both hydrous ethanol, which is used domestically in flex fuel vehicles, and anhydrous ethanol, which must be blended with gasoline before being used to power conventional automobiles. The data shows ethanol prices also rose in the week ended Oct. 2.

Supply was limited by heavy rains that hampered sugarcane harvesting and reduced production of fuel ethanol. Compared to a year ago, prices are down 8.2% and 6.1%, respectively.

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