EPA: D6 RINs Up 3.9% in June

STREATOR, Ill. (DTN) -- The Environmental Protection Agency reported that 1.273 billion D6 Renewable Identification Numbers, credits used to show compliance with the Renewable Fuel Standard, were generated in June, up 3.9% from the 1.225 billion D6 RINs generated in May. During the first half of 2015, there were 7.263 billion D6 RINs generated.

There are several nested categories within the RFS designating the renewable fuel with D6 RINs the most common, primarily generated by corn-based ethanol.

Domestic production and imports generating D6 RINs totaled 1.260 billion gallons in June, up from 1.215 billion in May for a total of 7.183 billion for the first six months of the year.

D4 RIN generation in June totaled 271 million, up from 261.7 million in May, while 1.227 billion D4 RINs have been generated during the first six months of 2015. Qualifying renewables under the D4 category include renewable diesel and biodiesel production, with each gallon worth 1.5 D4 RINs.

In June, domestic production and imports of biomass-based diesel was 176.5 million gallons, up from 169.9 million gallons in May, totaling 796.439 million gallons through the midpoint of 2015.

Advanced biofuel production qualifying for D5 RIN generation in June was 3.833 million gallons, increasing from 3.802 million gallons in May. Total D5 RINs generated for June were 4.788 million compared to 4.798 million month prior. Production and imports meeting the D5 standard totaled 33.628 million gallons from January through June that generated 39.620 million D5 RINs.

For the D5 advanced renewable fuel category, one gallon of sugar-based ethanol is equivalent to one D5 RIN, while one gallon of biodiesel, which also qualifies as an advanced biofuel, is equal to 1.5 D5 RINs. Other advanced biofuels included cellulosic biofuel and cellulosic diesel.

Cellulosic biofuel production in June was reported at 12.414 million gallons under the D3 category following output of 9.338 million gallons in May, generating 12.414 million D3 RINs last month. During the first six months of 2015, 49.430 million D3 RINs were generated on an equivalent volume of production.

There were no gallons of cellulosic diesel produced in June or the first four months of the year, which fall under the D7 nested category, netting zero RINs. In May, there were 173,731 gallons of cellulosic diesel output that generated an equivalent number of D3 RINs.

Obligated parties -- refiners, blenders and importers -- submit RINs to the EPA to show compliance in fulfilling their annual Renewable Volume Obligation under the RFS.