Deere's FurrowVision Delivers Real-Time Look at Seed

Dan Miller
By  Dan Miller , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
(Photo provided by Deere and Company)

John Deere has recently rolled out its next planter performance upgrade, FurrowVision. This is a camera and laser package mounted to look down into the seed furrow, recording images of the seed and residue. The FurrowVision performance upgrade kit includes three 3D cameras and wiring.

"You're going to mount them onto three row units on your planter, one in each section. And, then in the cab via display, you're going to see the imagery that is taken from those cameras in real time," says Jordan Lang, marketing director, Performance Upgrades at Deere. "You're going to get [seed] depth and see the quality of the furrow. How good is your seed-to-soil contact? How much trash or debris do you have in the furrow? Then, you can make adjustments, [for example] adjust your row cleaners, as needed.

"We're using [performance] upgrades to take technology to the market fast," Lang continues. "When a technology is ready to go, it's been tested, it's ready to roll, [and] we can install it on an embedded base of machines, whether it be a used machine that the customer has or even a new machine, we can make that technology more readily available rather than waiting a couple of years for a factory to be able to install it."

FurrowVision borrows a bit from Deere's ActiveVision technology for combines. "It's very similar to that, where you get [with ActiveVision] real-time imagery at a very quick rate. You can freeze it and go back to see still images, as well," Lang explains. ActiveVision gives operators a view inside the combine's grain tank to observe the condition of harvested grain.

FurrowVision will be available for limited release in Deere's model year 2024, starting in June. Deere has released no details on pricing.


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Dan Miller