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Join Us for DTN Ag Summit December 12-13, 2022

Gregg Hillyer
By  Gregg Hillyer , Progressive Farmer Editor-in-Chief
DTN Virtual Ag Summit, Conquer the Chaos, December 12 to 13, 2022 (DTN)

"Conquer the Chaos" couldn't be a more fitting theme for the 2022 DTN Ag Summit. No matter where you turn or look, multiple forces are causing upheaval in your business and personal life.

That's one reason this year's event is being held virtually. Those same forces have caused costs to go up across your operation. In addition, many of you have told us that it's difficult to travel to an in-person meeting in December. We listened and are answering that demand.

You can forgo travel and hotel costs, and log in from the comfort of your home or office on the mornings of Dec. 12 and 13, and hear an all-star lineup of speakers addressing some of agriculture's most pressing issues.

As hosts of agriculture's premier, producer-focused business conference, we work hard to bring you insights that challenge your thinking, while providing take-home information that prompts action to make you and your operation better. This year's Ag Summit is no exception. Speakers will help you identify "Strategies To Build Endurance for Your Business."

Here are a few highlights of the agenda:

-- The mid-term elections are barely over, and debate is already beginning about the new farm bill. Retired Sen. Pat Roberts and former Rep. Collin Peterson are veterans of the Capitol Hill battles and played leading roles crafting farm legislation. They will provide their perspectives on what changes Congress may be considering and how they could affect your farm's safety net and other programs.

-- The pandemic created havoc throughout supply chains around the world. Add in a dose of weather extremes, market volatility and geopolitical shifts, and suppliers and other agribusinesses have had to reassess their business practices. CHS Senior Vice President Gary Halvorson will discuss how the global agribusiness cooperative and the ag industry overall are changing and reinventing themselves to address these new challenges and to meet input demand.

-- No doubt you've been hearing a lot about carbon markets, programs and payments. A host of companies offer multiple options, likely adding to the confusion many of you may have about whether enrolling makes sense. Our panel of three companies -- Agoro, Bayer, Corteva -- and Iowa farmer Brad McDonald will provide answers to your questions and viewpoints to help clear up misconceptions about carbon programs.

-- DTN's highly regarded team of analysts and experts are always a highlight of the DTN Ag Summit. Lead Analyst Todd Hultman, Livestock Analyst ShayLe Stewart and Ag Meteorologist John Baranick will share their outlooks and forecasts for 2023.

-- Finally, you'll meet the newest class of Progressive Farmer's America's Best Young Farmers and Ranchers. This year's honorees represent the best of the younger generation who have chosen agriculture as a profession and lifestyle. Learn how they're plotting a course to meet today's challenges while building a strong foundation for the future.

So, pour yourself a cup of coffee, pull up a comfy chair and enjoy the 2022 DTN Virtual Ag Summit.


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Gregg Hillyer