Fendt Introduces New Sprayer, Tractor

Dan Miller
By  Dan Miller , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
The Rogator 900 is a self-propelled, rear-mounted boom applicator with adjustable clearance. It offers operators the ability to quickly switch between liquid and dry systems. (Photo courtesy of AGCO Fendt)

Warming up for a pair of major farm shows, Fendt rolled out new machines this week during a media presentation on a small airstrip at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Two new AGCO-brand units included Fendt's first public showing of its Rogator 900 self-propelled applicator and its European-import, the Fendt 300 tractor.

Fendt has been progressively building a full line of farm machinery for the past several years, including high-powered tractors, the IDEAL combine and Momentum planter. The Rogator 900 is the latest addition.

"The mission is two-fold. Full-line product line. Global expansion. We've been doing that step-by-step. We're not rushing in on this, neither the product or with the dealer," said Eric Hansotia, CEO of AGCO. "We want Fendt to become a full-line supporter of all farmer needs. Those who want the best of the best in terms of technology, quality. We believe there are a lot of those farmers here in North America, but also in South America, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and of course, where Fendt's home is, in Europe."

Here's a brief rundown of the two machines.


The Rogator 900 is a self-propelled, rear-mounted boom applicator with adjustable clearance. It offers operators the ability to switch between liquid and dry systems.

With the push of a button, two 900 high-clearance models raise from standard clearance of 56-60 inches to high clearance of up to 76 inches in less than 45 seconds for late-season dry or liquid applications. The change between the liquid system and a dry spinner or pneumatic system takes less than two hours.

Additional options include:

-- Automated rinsing controlled from the cab.

-- A variable fan with reversing function helps clear the engine cooling package of pollen and fine dust.

-- The cab features dual activated-carbon filters and a pressurization fan for protection from dust, aerosols and vapors.

-- The cab has 12% more glass than the previous Rogator, more shoulder room, Air-Ride seat suspension and a heated and cooled seat provide maximum comfort for long days in the machine.

-- An EZ-Drops drop tube kit can be added for placing late-season nitrogen and cover-crop seed below the crop canopy.

The Fendt Rogator 900 Series has five models: RG932, RG934, RG934H, RG937 and RG937H, ranging from 315 to 339 horsepower. The RG932 and RG934, with 70-inch-diameter tires, have 56-inch standard clearance; the RG937 has 80-inch tires and 60-inch standard clearance. The two high-clearance, dual-position chassis models, RG934H and RG937H, change to clearance heights of 72 inches and 76 inches, respectively.

All models have AGCO Power 8.4-liter engines, with liquid capacities ranging from 900 to 1,300 gallons, or dry spinner systems with capacities ranging from 253 to 330 cubic feet.

Fendt offers steel booms of 90-, 100- and 120-foot lengths with 10-, 15- and 20-inch nozzle spacing. An optional aluminum 132-foot boom, 5% lighter than a 120-foot steel boom, is also available.


Fendt is bringing to North America from Europe its 300 Vario Gen4 Series tractors.

The Fendt 300 Vario Gen4 tractors are available in four models ranging from 100 to 142 ECE R120 rated engine horsepower. The 300 boasts a weight-to-power ratio of 83 pounds per horsepower.

The tractor is designed for the back and forth of loader work in tight quarters when stacking hay, cleaning livestock pens and work in specialty crop fields.

The 300 Vario Gen4 Series includes four models: 311 (100 hp), 312 (113 hp), 313 (123 hp) and 314 (132 hp). These models are powered by Fendt's 4.4-liter AGCO Power engine. Fendt's DynamicPerformance power boost sensor technology adds 10 hp when it detects excessive auxiliary demand on the 314 model.

The 300s Select Profi+ trim package includes the FendtONE operator station with a 12-inch touchscreen terminal in the armrest and the option of a second 12-inch touchscreen terminal (stowed halfway into the right side of the cab roof), a multi-function joystick to operate hydraulics, loader and ISOBUS features.

The Rogator 900 applicator and 300 Vario Gen 4 series tractor will be making their first public appearances at MAGIE (Midwest Ag Industries Exposition), Aug. 25-26, 2021, in Bloomington, Illinois and at the 2021 Farm Progress Show, Aug. 31-Sept. 2, in Decatur, Illinois.

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