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Stormy Pattern Continues for Midwest, Central and Southern Plains

Elaine Shein
By  Elaine Shein , Associate Managing Editor
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OMAHA (DTN) -- A stormy pattern bringing some beneficial precipitation for the U.S. winter wheat crop and some chances for showers in Argentina are the primary features for the commodity market's attention Wednesday.


The DTN Ag Weather forecast calls for a storm system to continue to bring moderate precipitation to the region Wednesday, including snow over the north. The second piece to the storm will produce more freezing rain Thursday night into Friday as the system moves north, with freezing rain changing over to snow in the west. A much-needed boost to soil moisture is anticipated from the dual low-pressure systems. In the six- to 10-day outlook, it will be mostly dry Monday and Tuesday, with scattered showers Wednesday into Thursday and isolated showers Friday. Temperatures will be above normal Monday to Friday.


In the Southern Plains, a strong system brought moderate rainfall across the south and snowfall across the north Tuesday, along with a zone of freezing rain. The front to the system will continue to produce rain across the south on Wednesday. A secondary low-pressure center will develop on Thursday in Texas, bringing showers back through the southeastern half of the region through Friday before exiting. More ice and snow are expected across much of this portion of the region. A system will move across the northern tier of the U.S. early next week while another storm system moves into the West: The western system will emerge in the Plains in the middle of next week with some showers. Another system will move into the West at the end of next week. Temperatures falling below normal will rise above normal next week. Short-term stress to livestock is expected in the interim.


In the Northern Plains, moderate snow fell in the Dakotas on Tuesday.

Temperatures will remain above normal during the next 10 days with lower-than-normal stress on livestock.


Scattered showers continue to fall across the middle of Brazil but are mostly light to moderate outside of some localized heavy areas. Corn and soybeans in the reproduction to filling stage are finding tough conditions as showers continue to be scattered and lighter than normal. Southern areas have been stressed lately as showers have been more isolated. A system will bring more scattered showers over southern areas Wednesday and Thursday, but look to be brief, as showers move back into central Brazil through the weekend and into next week, causing stress to reproductive corn and soybeans.


In Argentina, widespread showers that started over southern areas Tuesday night are moving through the rest of the country Wednesday. With dryness from last week, the showers will be welcome. However, dryness will follow behind the system through the weekend for most areas. Areas that are missed are likely to be more stressed, but western areas may see some isolated showers during the weekend into early next week. A system in the middle of next week may produce additional showers.

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