Improved Nitrogen Stabilizer

Corteva Agriscience has introduced a next-generation Instinct nitrogen stabilizer. Instinct NXTGEN improves on the success of Instinct II, explains Jeff Moon, Corteva Agriscience market development specialist. The water-soluble product is added to granular urea, liquid UAN (urea-ammonium nitrate) and liquid manure to extend nitrogen availability to corn and wheat during key growth stages, and reduce leaching or denitrification into the atmosphere.

"Customers asked if there was a way to use less volume [of Instinct II] and make it easier to use," he says. "So our formulation chemists went to work." Changes include:

> Instinct NXTGEN application rate is 24 ounces per acre compared to 37 ounces per acre for Instinct II.

> Blending and mixing Instinct NXTGEN with liquid and dry fertilizer is easier since application rates were cut by a third.

> On average, corn yields increase by 5% when using Instinct NXTGEN with spring applications, Moon claims.

Instinct NXTGEN's active ingredient is nitrapyrin, which slows bacteria that converts ammonium to nitrate, keeping nitrogen in the ammonium form longer for crop use. Cost varies among retailers, but typically it's $10 to $12 per acre.

"Nitrogen is one the most expensive inputs for farmers, so they want to get the most out of it," Moon adds. "If farmers can reduce leaching, that's good for corn and the environment." Learn more at

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