Farm Show Great Plains Min-Till Box Drill

Great Plains Min-Till Box Drill (Progressive Farmer image supplied by Great Plains)

Great Plains Min-Till Box Drill

The box drill is the legacy of Great Plains. "The BD7600 Series represents the next generation of our heritage," explains Joe Michaels, president of the company's ag division. Available in two- and three-section models ranging from 26 to 40 feet, the min-till folding box drill is designed to give large-scale operations maximum productivity and efficiency, he says.

An all-new feeder cup assembly adjusts seed/fertilizer application rates by changing the meter wheel rpm. The staggered meter wheels provide optimum distribution, while the chevron-shaped seed gates distribute seed more evenly into the seed tubes for improved spacing accuracy in the seed trench. Seed gates offer three positions: narrow and wide openings to tailor input into meters, or closed completely for skip rows.

The BD7600 features a heavy-duty split box design, offering three different fertilizer-to-seed ratios and larger capacity -- up to 3.8 bushels per foot. It can be filled completely without moving seed by hand. Disc blade coulters are offset, with alternating leading edges to enhance stability and reduce side-shifting on hilly ground. An optional hydraulic drive system is available.

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