CLAAS Pushes New Machinery Onto the Farm

The Lexion and the Xerion by CLAAS (Progressive Farmer image provided by CLAAS)

CLAAS of America has rolled out an all-new Lexion 8000-7000 series combine harvester.

The Lexion's APS SYNFLOW HYBRID system, an upgrade of the APS HYBRID SYSTEM, delivers 10% more capacity than the previous series, CLAAS says. Grain handling is also improved, with unloading speeds as fast as 5.1 bushels per second from a grain tank with 510 bushels of capacity.

Operators can cover significant ground with Lexion's 25-mph transport speed, which all models--wheeled and TERRA TRAC--can obtain. The operator also saves time with the Lexion's crop changeover capabilities. That function is done from the cab with the touch of a button.

Maintenance time is streamlined with a central lubrication system and dynamic cooling, cutting maintenance time by more than half, the manufacturer says. The dynamic cooling feature also serves as a barrier from dust and debris while enhancing cooling for larger engines.

The new generation of Lexion combines can independently adjust threshing and separation. It is a feature that allows the operator to meet changing crop conditions and increase grain retention.


CLAAS of America has announced the full commercial launch of the Axion 900 and 800 series tractors into the U.S. and Canadian markets. The new tractor lines provide a range-of-power options from 200 to 440 hp.

CLAAS is targeting with Axion the livestock and livestock input producer, among other farming markets.

The Axion joins the Xerion tractor, a larger and higher-horsepower rigid-frame tractor.

While providing the same PTO horsepower as competitors, CLAAS says the Axion tractor can provide up to 20 more usable PTO horsepower while using up to 1 gallon per hour less fuel.

With a standard four-point suspended cab, PROACTIV front axle, shock-absorbing front and rear three-point hitches and a semiactive seat, the Axion delivers premium comfort for the operator, CLAAS says.

The Axion 800 series features a powerful 6.7-liter Tier 4F engine with deep torque reserves. Horsepower ranges from 200 to 280.

The Axion 900 features an 8.7-liter Tier 4F engine with horsepower ratings of 320 to 440.


CLAAS has added three machines to its selection of balers and hay tools: the Disco 4000 TRC mower/conditioner, ROLLANT 520 round baler and VOLTO 55 TH tedder. Here are features of each:


The MAX CUT cutter bar and active float suspension result in a more evenly cut crop with less ash content. Additional features:

> 12-foot 6-inch working width

> chevron rubber roller conditioner with double belt drive for less maintenance and more durability

> spring-loaded pivoting cutter bar to keep the knives out of the soil for less ash

> new windrow spreader plates that make for a uniform density windrow.


The ROLLANT 520 4 x 4 fixed-chamber round baler features upgrades for better fermentation. The result is reduced spoilage, improved milk production and reduced labor and materials loss. Additional features:

> eight heavy-duty rollers with 4 mm wall thickness and shafts bolted to 15-mm-thick flanges for improved strength and durability

> reinforced frame 20% thicker than the 300 Series

> 14-knife ROTO CUT chopping system for maximum throughput

> hydraulic drop floor for blockage clearing.


The Volto 55 TH helps operators spread the crop more evenly and faster for uniform drydown and preserved nutritional value of the crop. The tedder offers a faster ground speed and a more even spread pattern.

Additional features:

> reinforced tine arms and supports

> equal length tines for less contact to reduce ash in the crop

> hydraulic folding and tilt

> adjustable tine angle for slower PTO speed to save leaves in alfalfa or clover.