Handy Devices

Easy-to-build ideas make your work easier.

Dan Miller
By  Dan Miller , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
Earplug Hat, Image by Ralph A. Mark, Jr.

Earplug Hat (Editor’s Choice):

Hearing loss is a common problem on the farm. So, Steve Yamnitz, Sedgewickville, Missouri, takes earplugs wherever he goes. He has found an easy way to carry them. Yamnitz wraps the cord with earplugs attached to the two ends inside the adjustable band of his hat. When he’s not using the plugs, he tucks them back up and out of the way into the hatband.

Valve Stem Tool:

Charles Collins, Paris, Arkansas, has big hands. At least, they are too big to easily reach the valve stem cap on the inside dual of his truck. So, he uses a 12-inch extension from his ratchet set to stretch his reach. An extension from a 3⁄8-inch set fits snugly over the cap.

Extra Hitch:

Robert Freeman Jr., Bonnerdale, Arkansas, found a way to store an extra hitch and ball for his truck. First, he made a hitch receiver from a length of 6-inch-long x 2-inch-square tubing. He drilled a hole through the tubing to accept a pin to hold the hitch in place. Then, he welded the square tubing to the back-end frame of his truck in a place with easy access. Now, he has with him at all times a 2-inch and 17⁄8-inch ball.

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Dan Miller