Handy Devices

Easy-to-build ideas make your work easier.

Dan Miller
By  Dan Miller , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
Post Puller, Image by Ralph A. Mark Jr.

We’ve put more than a few post pullers in this space during the years. Here’s yet a new one. It comes from Grady Robinson, Heath Springs, South Carolina. He pulls his T-posts with an old bumper jack and a 6- x 6-inch scrap of quarter-inch steel plate. See the drawing (inset image) for the pattern of cuts he made in the plate.

The largest cut is 4 inches deep x 1 inch wide. The resulting slot fits around the fencepost. The other cut is 1 inch x 1 inch. Robinson welded a piece of round stock over the open end of this slot. The jack’s lifting arm is inserted into it. Pump the jack handle up and down a few times, and pull the post. Done.


Even off-road--in the tractor, combine or side-by-side--people count on their cup holders. Tom Buchholz, Wooster, Ohio, sent us a simple play on the ordinary American beverage holder. For $7.19, he purchased a green atrium grate (made of highest-quality structural foam polyethylene with UV inhibitor, says the supplier) from www.hardwareandtools.com. He turned it upside down and, with a self-tapping metal screw, attached it to a support inside his tractor cab. No more spills.


Clifford Jenkins, Brandywine, Maryland, sent us an easy idea to build stable sawhorses. Just build a pair of three-legged horses, as seen here. Simple and easy, he says.

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Dan Miller