We'd Like To Mention

Au Revoir To A Master

Donovan Harris, Image by Brent Warren

Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting “The Mona Lisa” is displayed in the Louvre in Paris. And, while this masterpiece is recognized throughout the world, it’s not a stretch to say DTN/The Progressive Farmer has had its own virtuoso working behind the scenes to create masterworks on every cover, every story and every page of the magazine.

As director of design/production, Donovan Harris uses his creative brush to transform a blank canvas into a printed page that blends words, fonts and photos into a piece of art. He is the consummate professional and perfectionist, two traits vital to any magazine that places a high value on design. His work has been recognized and honored throughout the publishing industry, winning enough awards to fill his own museum.

With this issue, Donovan is retiring after 27 years. Prior to joining the magazine, he worked 17 years for our former parent company Southern Progress Corp., starting as an intern and eventually working his way up to art director for Southern Living magazine.

Donovan plans to continue to do freelance projects for us and to cheer on his beloved Auburn Tigers. We wish Donovan the very best in the years ahead.