Progressive Agriculture Safety Days

Don't Press Your Luck! Hedge your bets by investing in safety and attending a Progressive Agriculture Safety Day in your local community.

Disability Awareness: For the past 24 years, Progressive Agriculture Safety Days have provided the education, training and resources to make farm, ranch and rural life safer and healthier for children and their communities. At this Safety Day in Pennsylvania, a presenter focuses on what it is like living with a disability that resulted from a farm-related incident. Disability awareness is one of more than 30 topics that are covered at Progressive Agriculture Safety Days, Image by Progressive Agriculture Foundation

In January, we welcomed Brian Kuhl to the position of Interim Chief Executive Officer of the Progressive Agriculture Foundation. Kuhl offers more than two decades of diverse business experience working with some of the nation’s largest agriculture cooperatives. In 2017, Kuhl completed a six-year term on the PAF Board, serving three of those years as board president, representing our 5-star partner, CHS Inc. After electing to retire after more than 20 years with the foundation, Susan Reynolds Porter has been supporting Kuhl as a special projects manager through April 1, 2018. We send a very special thank you to Susan for the leadership, guidance and growth of the Progressive Agriculture Safety Day program for the past 24 years and welcome Brian to our team.

In honor of the St. Patrick’s Day holiday this month, here is a limerick to encourage safety on the farm, ranch and at home:

Make the play area more fun than the farm,

We should never place a child in the way of harm,

Like many workplaces, farms are busy and hectic,

Dangers and hazards exist, from chemicals to electric,

Although farms have a lot of charm, not practicing safety can cost you a leg or an arm.

Visit the Progressive Agriculture Safety Day website at to see how you can host a Progressive Agriculture Safety Day for your community during 2019. Or, you can call us at 888-257-3529. For a complete listing of all upcoming Progressive Agriculture Safety Days, go to and click on the 2018 Safety Days link.