Handy Devices

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Dan Miller
By  Dan Miller , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
Compressed Lift

Peter McKay, Lone Wolf, Oklahoma, built a hoisting frame for his air compressor. He used scrap steel--2- x 2-inch angle iron for the frame--and, he designed it to be easily removable. To the rear portion of the frame he welded grain drill drag chain rings. The rings slide over the handles of the compressor for lifting. In front, the lifting frame connects to the wheel guard by way of two hose clamps (be careful not to strip them). McKay says the trickiest part of the whole project was finding the center of gravity for placement of the steel O-ring on top. Since the ring is used to lift the compressor, finding the exact balance point on the upper portion of the frame is important to moving it safely.

Hitching To Move:

Kevin Albrecht, Moundridge, Kansas, often finds himself backing 4-wheel header trailers and gravity wagons into shed spaces by himself. It's an easier chore now that he has built a hitch for the front of his tractor loader. Albrecht built the hitch frame out of 4- x 3-inch angle iron (for the top and bottom pieces, and two middle braces). He used 2.5 x 2.5-inch angle iron for the side. Then, he welded a 2-inch receiver in the space between the two receivers. The hitch unit attaches to the front of his tractor loader in seconds, he says.

Plug Extended:

If your hands are too big to fit spark plugs into tight spaces, Sherman Woods, Sulligent, Alabama, has a good idea. Push the tapered top of a spark plug into the end of a piece of plastic water supply line until it is seated firmly. The length of the tube gives easy access to the cylinder head. After a couple of turns, pull the water line off the end of the plug, and tighten it with a socket.

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Dan Miller