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Damp and Chilly Midwest

Bryce Anderson
By  Bryce Anderson , DTN Ag Meteorologist and DTN Analyst
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OMAHA (DTN) -- Very cool and damp conditions in the Midwest hindering harvest, and a continued prospect for needed rain in central Brazil, are the key weather items for the commodity trade's attention Tuesday.


The DTN ag weather forecast calls for slow corn harvest progress in the northern and eastern Midwest due to cool and damp conditions. Periods of rain and snow offer further hindrance to harvest efforts. U.S. corn harvest is 70% finished. The national figure is about a week behind average; however, individual states are facing greater lags relative to average.


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In the Southern Plains, the weather will be very cool to cold during this week. The colder pattern will lead to slower development of winter wheat. No killing freeze is expected, however. A warming trend is slated to follow the cool pattern. Soil moisture due to early season rainfall will favor crop development. However, a drying trend in the region does bear watching as we head into winter dormancy for the crop.


In central Brazil, rain is improving for planting and developing soybeans after several weeks of hot and dry conditions.


Central Argentina continues with mostly favorable conditions for planting and development of corn and sunflower and for developing winter wheat.


In South Africa, a recent turn to hot and dry conditions is leading to slower planting progress in western growing areas and increasing stress to germination and early development of maize in the east. Much attention is being given to developing La Nina conditions in the Pacific Ocean, which may offer more favorable temperature and rainfall patterns.

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Bryce Anderson

Bryce Anderson
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