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Beneficial Plains Rain Prospect

Bryce Anderson
By  Bryce Anderson , DTN Ag Meteorologist and DTN Analyst
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OMAHA (DTN) -- Anticipation of a beneficial rain event for the Southern Plains and Midwest and favorable trends across South America are the key weather items for the commodity trade's attention Monday.


The DTN ag weather forecast calls for generally favorable conditions for the upcoming spring planting season. Corn planting is reported in southern Illinois.


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Beneficial precipitation continues to offer improving conditions for Southern Plains wheat during the next week to 10 days. This will be important moisture due to crop ratings declining from a hot and dry pattern over the past few weeks.


In central Brazil, mild temperatures and periods of showers will remain effect. This combination brings favorable conditions for developing second-crop corn. In addition, favorable conditions for maturing and harvesting soybeans cover southern Brazil.


Argentina remains under the influence of a benign weather pattern, with seasonal temperatures and periods of showers. This combination favors late filling and maturing corn and soybeans in the major growing areas.


A powerful tropical cyclone is expected to make landfall along the middle Queensland coast early Tuesday, with top winds of 110 knots (120 mph), and possibly higher. This is primarily a sugarcane area, but the system may also bring heavy to torrential rains into the northern part of the sorghum belt as it moves inland. Eventually, rains may also turn southward and move into the major sorghum and cotton areas. Sorghum and cotton are being harvested this time of year. Sugarcane is developing.

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Bryce Anderson

Bryce Anderson
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