(John McKinney, Progressive Farmer Archives)

Cornerstones highlights thought-provoking quotes from notable folks.

I could dance with you until the cows come home. On second thought, I'd rather dance with the cows until you come home.
Groucho Marx

I guess cows aren't into the four food groups, especially when they are two of them.
Anthony Clark

And God made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: and God saw that it was good.
Genesis 1:25 (KJV)

When a cow laughs, does milk come out her nose?

There's something about getting up at 5 a.m., feeding the stock and chickens, and milking a couple of cows before breakfast that gives you a lifelong respect for the price of butter and eggs.
Bill Vaughan

Never kick a cow chip on a hot day.
Cowboy Proverb

Cows are amongst the gentlest of breathing creatures; none show more passionate tenderness to their young when deprived of them; and, in short, I am not ashamed to profess a deep love for these quiet creatures.
Thomas De Quincey

Scientists tell us that the fastest animal on earth, with a top speed of 120 feet per second, is a cow that has been dropped out of a helicopter.
Dave Barry

All the really good ideas I ever had came to me while I was milking a cow.
Grant Wood

The cow is of the bovine ilk; one end is moo, the other milk.
Ogden Nash

There's nothing like sitting back and talking to your cows.
Russell Crowe

Truth, Sir, is a cow that will yield such people no more milk, and so they are gone to milk the bull.
Samuel Johnson

Cows are my passion ... to retreat to a Swiss farm, and live entirely surrounded by cows -- and china.
Charles Dickens

I never saw a purple cow, I never hope to see one; but I can tell you, anyhow, I'd rather see than be one.
Gelett Burgess

You can only milk a cow so long, then you're left holding the pail.
Hank Aaron

He was so learned that he could name a horse in nine languages; so ignorant that he bought a cow to ride on.
Benjamin Franklin

I don't believe that you have to be a cow to know what milk is.
Ann Landers

The mere brute pleasure of reading -- the sort of pleasure a cow must have in grazing.
Lord Chesterfield

The friendly cow, all red and white, I love with all my heart; She gives me cream. To eat with apple-tart.
Robert Louis Stevenson