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Tractor Always Dies

(Steve Thompson)

READER: I have a Ford 2000 gas tractor that dies after it runs about 20 minutes. I changed it over to an electronic ignition, and I thought that would solve my problem. However, it still dies after running a while. I have had the carb rebuilt, and that did not help. It seems that changing the carburetor settings doesn't make any difference -- it still dies. Could I have a bad electronic ignition?

STEVE: I feel like you have a bad ignition coil. More than likely your tractor had this problem, and that is why you converted to an electronic ignition. However, you are still having a problem with your coil breaking down from heat. I recommend the coil offered with most electronic ignition kits that I have purchased and installed. When the electronic ignition is teamed up with this electronic ignition coil, the voltage produced will be 40,000 volts. The coil will have internal resistance, so you will not have to worry about a resistor in the coil wire. This coil should be available in the catalog beside the ignition kit you purchased.


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