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Dan Miller
By  Dan Miller , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
Massey Ferguson MFVF (Provided by Massey Ferguson)

Massey Ferguson blends technology from Precision Planting with Massey Ferguson's front-fold, vacuum electric (VE) MFVF model, available in three configurations: 12-row 30-inch, 16-row 30-inch and 24-row 30-inch. Massey Ferguson planters evolved from the White Planters line.

Massey Ferguson's partnership with Precision Planting has brought to this planter the vSet2 with vDrive, which provides 99% singulation accuracy in corn and soybeans without adjustments to vacuum, seed disk or singulator.

Farmers can also equip this planter with DeltaForce for uniform planting depth across any field condition.

The MFVF planter is available with SpeedTube for high-speed planting. These customizations are available from the factory or as plug-and-play aftermarket options.

The series' Heads Up row unit provides a proven foundation for Precision Planting technology. Based on the White Planter row unit, the Heads Up is designed for increased longevity and accuracy, including wider gauge wheel arms, thicker material to strengthen the shank and larger bushings, while allowing for easy Precision Planting add-ons, such as the SpeedTube.

Farmers can choose between individual row hoppers and a centralized hopper with up to 90-bushel capacity, with liquid fertilizer and insecticide options.



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