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Art of Planting - John Deere 1775NT

Dan Miller
By  Dan Miller , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
John Deere 1775NT (provided by John Deere)

Available in three configurations, 12-row 30-inch, 16-row 30-inch and 24-row 30-inch, the 1775NT fits into just about any operation, at planting speeds of up to 10 mph. The 1775NT has 21 degrees of up and down flex for maintaining seed depth while planting rolling ground and around terraces.

Deere offers ExactRate and ExactEmerge for the 1775NT. ExactRate gives operators row-by-row section control to manage fertilizer costs and the amount of chemicals applied by shutting off application in areas of overlap or nonapplication. ExactEmerge employs Deere's patented BrushBelt to move seed down into the seed trench without bounce and with exact singulation and spacing. ExactEmerge is powered by a pair of electric-drive motors that work independently to control the meter and BrushBelt.

John Deere's Central Commodity System (CCS) improves productivity with increased seed capacity, bulk-fill capability and easy cleanout. The two tanks have a combined capacity of 70 bushels on 30-foot planters and 100 bushels on 40-foot and larger planters. The tanks are placed on the planter for even weight distribution and with an eye toward rear visibility.

From the cab, operators control the "fold and go" hydraulic system, allowing for quick transitions between fields. The front-fold design offers a narrow, bridge-crossing 12-foot-wide transport width -- even with the CCS -- and 22 inches of under-unit clearance for improved access and egress from the fields.

Deere offers a track option for the 1775NT to alleviate ground pressure in the planter's center section. The tracks offer a larger footprint to allow for less compaction and better flotation.



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