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Dan Miller
By  Dan Miller , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
Fendt Momentum (supplied by AGCO Fendt)

The Fendt Momentum planter includes technologies to help overcome planting conditions that challenge even emergence and resulting yield loss.

The Fendt Momentum planter is equipped with Load Logic, which automatically transfers weight off the row units of the planter by lifting and adjusting the planter frame to minimize row-unit downforce. The tire-inflation system is part of the Load Logic weight-management system. Sensors help automatically adjust the tire pressure to minimize compaction as the planter's weight changes during a planting day.

Momentum's SmartFrame technology comprises three independent, intelligent sections that operate automatically, ensuring the row units on each section maintain the ideal seeding depth. The planter's patented sensor-controlled hydraulic system monitors the angle of the row-unit parallel arms to automatically adjust toolbar height, keeping the arms level and the row units properly engaged with the soil as ground conditions and terrain change.

The vertical contouring toolbar flexes up and down as much as 65.9 inches to follow the contour of the field and ensure the row units properly engage with the soil.

The Momentum features in-line center tandem wheels, which follow the affected row path already created by the tractor tires, thereby controlling traffic through the field and limiting compaction. This design, along with its front-of-frame mounted tire configuration, completely eliminates pinch rows.

Momentum planters are available in eight configurations, each with a 1,000-gallon liquid fertilizer tank.



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